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Letters and Sounds Phase 6 Chute Cards Smart Buy

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Letters and Sounds Phase 6 Chute Cards Smart Buy

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Suitable for: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3+

Gain essential spelling practice with the Adding Suffixes set which teaches pupils to double, drop, change or leave final letters of base words before you add the given suffix. The reverse of the card shows the word spelt correctly and also any changes that should (or shouldn't) have been made to the base word. Yesterday and Today set provides essential practise of spelling verbs in the past or present tense with 50 reversible cards. Cards show the same yesterday or today sentence, with one of the verbs omitted. Matched to the Support for Spelling objectives, these card packs are suitable for Year 2+ for use with the Smart Chute (sold separately). Use with small groups as part of the literacy session, one to one with a teacher/ teaching assistant or independently at school or home to secure spelling.

  • Phase 6 Spelling Rules
  • Yesterday and Today Chute Cards


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