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Letters & Sounds Phase 2 Essentials Kit

Item no: LT02E

Letters & Sounds Phase 2 Essentials Kit

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Suitable for: Kindergarten - Year 0, Year 1

This kit covers the first 23 graphemes. It will help students move on from oral blending and segmentation to blending and segmenting with letters. 

Graphemes/Phonemes covered:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, d, f, ff, l, ll, ss.


• Matching Words & Pictures puzzles.

• Picture Caption Matching Set 1 & 2.

• Buried Treasure game.

• Mnemonic Cards.

• Phoneme Frieze.

• Phoneme Fans. 

• Set of Decodable Readers.