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Letters & Sounds Phase 3 Essentials Kit

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Letters & Sounds Phase 3 Essentials Kit

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Suitable for: Kindergarten - Year 0, Year 1

Covers the next 25 graphemes, most of them comprising two letters (e.g. oa).  CVC blending and segmentation will continue to be practised and children will begin to read and spell simple two-syllable words and captions.

Graphemes/Phonemes covered: 

j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oi, oo, ow, ar, air, ear, er, ur, or, ure.


• Buried Treasure game.

• Phoneme Fans.     

• Phoneme Frieze.

• I Can... Book and Cards.

• Mnemonic Cards.

• Sentence Substitution game.

• Yes/No Question Cards game.

• Picture Caption Matching puzzles.

• Matching Words & Pictures puzzles.

• Picture Sentence Matching Set 1 & 2.

• Set of Decodable Readers.

KLT103  LT103