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NZ Basic Script Poem Copy Cards

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NZ Basic Script Poem Copy Cards

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Suitable for: 3-5, 5-6, Download

This Set of 33 A4 High Frequency Word Poem Cards, which will be emailed to you, as a .pdf file, provide students a great opportunity to practise both Reading and Handwriting Skills.The font is NZ Basic Script which is recommended in the Ministry of Education Handbook for Teaching Handwriting. Each page has a simple one line Poem using high frequency words. Students can read and then copy under each line. Laminate the cards, put a plastic sleeve over the laminated sheet and tape at the top. Any marker rubs off easily!     If you would rather have the pages smaller to fit into student books, when you go to print, click on Properties and in the Multiple Page option, set the Pages for 2 to one.