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Number Smart Red Phase Kit

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Having secured a foundation in number, counting and calculation, progress pupils on to: counting, positioning & ordering numbers to 100; place value in 2-digit numbers; adding and subtracting to 20 and introduce, doubling, halving, fractions, multiplication and division (totals within 20) in fun nonthreatening ways. Just pick a set needed for a particular learning objective and away you go! All of the resources are designed to be as flexible and multi-functional as possible and include a variety of activity ideas written on the boxes, so that they are never lost. This kit is the first phase of the wider Number Smart maths programme designed to help pupils achieve fundamental maths concepts of: Number & Place Value, Effective Calculation and Problem Solving. Each phase offers a range of multisensory activities to meet key learning objectives and further teaching ideas in the Teaching Ideas Manual.


  • Maths Vocabulary Frieze
  • Magnetic Number Links to 20
  • Lots of Wheels
  • Place Value Puzzles
  • Lots of Socks
  • Number Streets to 100
  • Double-Half City
  • Counting On Buses
  • Finding Fractions
  • Decodable Word Problems to 20
  • Partitioning Banks
  • Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) flipbook
  • Number Mountains to 10 & to 20
  • Red Phase Ideas Manual
  • Addition & Subtraction Smart Balls
  • 6 x Whiteboards

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