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Mnemonic Cards - Alternative Spellings

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These sound and spelling cards contain all 44 sounds and 201 spellings taught in phases 2-6 of our Letters and Sounds validated SSP programme.

This downloadable product contains two versions:

Version 1:  201 x A4 posters with the spelling, an illustrated mnemonic of the spelling and the word for the mnemonic at the bottom.

Version 2: 201 x A5 Double-sided Mnemonic Cards. They are designed to be easily printed off and folded over with the illustrated mnemonic on one side and the spelling on the other.

Each version has an index card so the spelling being taught can quickly be found. Illustrations match the Mog and Gom Mnemonic Cards.

Single-user licence: You can print this product an unlimited amount of times but you are not allowed to sell or share this product outside the home or school where this product has been bought. This product is in an easily shared PDF format but please respect our authors and illustrators who only get paid when this product is sold.

Schools can choose to pay on invoice. You do not need to have an existing account. On the payment page select 'School Order' underneith the credit card option and an invoice will be sent with your order. Payment terms 20 days EOM.