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Vowel sounds can be spelt in many different ways. To acquire spelling skills, we need to learn the spelling patterns of each vowel sound, and there are often many different ways of spelling a single sound. For example, the words 'he', 'tree' and 'key' all make the long 'e' sound but are spelt differently.

The 44 Sounds Directory has identified 44 different sounds in 5 categories: long vowels, short vowels, r-controlled vowels, consonant sounds and consonant digraph sounds.

During written expression, children can access the sound in a word and the different ways of spelling that sound. The unique flipbook and tabbed design mean pupils will be able to find words and spellings quickly. The Smart Phonics colour coding is used throughout this clearly illustrated resource and the same photo mnemonics found throughout the Letters and Sounds programme provide fidelity. Beneficial throughout primary and for older children with special needs.

Schools can choose to pay on invoice. You do not need to have an existing account. On the payment page select 'School Order' underneith the credit card option and an invoice will be sent with your order. Payment terms 20 days EOM.

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