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CVC Word Builder

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CVC Word Builder

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Suitable for: Kindergarten - Year 0, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3+

CVC Word Builder is an interactive game that teaches knowlege of word and spelling patterns in consonant-vowel-consonant words. It can be played against the computer or by up to 3 players. Words are made by deleting a consonant or a vowel from a player's board and replacing it with a tile from the virtual table. The player who makes the most words wins! An excellent way to encourage strategic thinking and to develop the key operations of phonemic awareness (matching, isolating, substitution, segmentation and deletion) in children aged 5 and up. This inclusive resource comes complete with a voice feature that enables words to be read out for students requiring extra support. Access the teacher options by pressing Ctrl+t on a PC or apple+t on a Mac. Here, you can choose between UK or US audio, Sassoon or Comic Sans font or the number of words to be made per game. There is also a tracking facility to monitor your students' progress.

L56s - Install on one computer.

L56f - Install on up to 5 computers.

L56u - Install on an unlimited amount of computers within the physical bounds of your school.

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