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Dandelion Launchers - Bundle

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The series offers the beginner reader one line of text at CVC word level and each level introduces new sounds of the alphabet. Each book includes a clear explanation on how to read with Synthetic Phonics and a game to motivate the reader and consolidate phonic skills. The reader experiences success at every level and discovers the thrill of independent reading from the very beginning. This new set introduces adjacent consonants.

This bundle consists of four (6) sets of each unit (360 readers in total), along with one (1) of each corresponding workbook (4 workbooks in total). Each reader has one line of text per page. The Dandelion Launchers are an ideal reading resource for any phonics reading program. Each set focuses on a specific set of sounds and includes a reading game.

The workbooks include practical activities relating to the Dandelion Launchers books. It is photocopiable and has activities focused on letter formation, blending and segmenting skills and first comprehension exercises. 


  • Unit 1  - four books introducing the following: s, a, t, i, m
  • Unit 2  - four books introducing the following: n, o, p
  • Unit 3 - four books introducing the following: b, c, g, h
  • Unit 4 four books introduce the following: d, e, f, v
  • Unit 5 four b ooks introduce the following: k, l, r, u
  • Unit 6 four b ooks introduce the following: j, w, z
  • Unit 7 four b ooks introduce the following: x, y, ff, ll, ss, zz
  • Unit 8 four b ooks introduce the following: vcc & cvcc words
  • Unit 9 four b ooks introduce the following: cvcc words
  • Unit 10 four b ooks introduce the following: ccvcc words
  • Unit 11 four b ooks introduce the following: ch
  • Unit 12 four b ooks introduce the following: sh
  • Unit 13  four b ooks introduce the following: th
  • Unit 14 four b ooks introduce the following: ck, wh
  • Unit 15 four books introduce the following: ng, qu

 Decodable Book Progression:

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