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Dandelion Readers - Bundle

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n excellent synthetic phonics reading scheme, designed to bridge the gap between learning initial phonics and the first level in available reading schemes. Letter sounds are introduced in a structured sequence, using motivating stories, appealing characters and imaginative illustrations on photographic backgrounds. Text is on a cream background to make it reader-friendly, using minimum sight words and encouraging the practice of blending skills.

This bundle consists of 6 sets of each unit (300 readers in total), along with 1 of each corresponding, photocopiable workbook (4 workbooks in total). The workbook activities include follow-up activities such as comprehension, spelling and writing to help maintain interest and variety. 

The Dandelion Initial Code readers feature:

- Clear phonic sequences
- Minimal tricky words
- Text on a cream background to make it reader-friendly
- Motivating stories with appealing characters
- Imaginative illustrations
- A games page to encourage further reading practice

The Initial Code Phonic Sequence is:

Unit 1:  s a  t  i  m 
Unit 2:  n  o  p  
Unit 3:  b  c  g  h  
Unit 4:  d  e  f   v 
Unit 5:  k  l  r  u  
Unit 6:  j  w  z  
Unit 7:  x  y  ff  ll  ss  zz 
Unit 8:  VCC,  CVCC 
Unit 9:  CCVC 
Unit 10:  CCVCC

Unit 11:    ch
Unit 12:    sh
Unit 13:    th
Unit 14:    ck 
Unit 15:    ng
Unit 16:    qu + ve 
Unit 17:    wh + 2 syllables
Unit 18:     -ed 2 syllables
Unit 19:    -ing + 2 syllables 
Unit 20:    -le + 2 syllables


Scope and sequence:

Smart Kids Reader Progression

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