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Decodable Alternative Spellings Collection

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20 different titles. Covers all phases of Letters and Sounds, including alternative spellings of vowel sounds. Amazing value.

  • Contents: 8 pages per book
  • Size: 150mm x 170mm

All books include word lists and comprehension questions.

  • Book 1 (ch, tch, t) - Mitch's Day (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 2 (ng, n(k)) - Thanks Mitch (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 3 (sh,ch,c,ti,ss) -Food Mission (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 4 (/zh/, s, ge) - Binge-watch (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 5 (ai, ay, a-e, a, ea) - Angel Bay (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 6 (ee, ea, e-e, y, ey, ie) - Grandy's Party (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 7 (igh, ie, i-e, y, i) - Brian Spies a Lion (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 8 (oa, or, o-e, ow, o) - Go, Go, Go (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 9 (oi, oy) - Joy at the Museum (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 10 (ow, ou) - Mouse in the House (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 11 (oo, ew, ue, u-e) - Fix-it Sue (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 12 (ue, ew, u-e) - Barbecue Rescue (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 13 (e, ea) - Ben's Quest (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 14 (i, y) - The Pyramid (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 15 (oo, oul, u) - Woolly Mammoth (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 16 (air, are, ear) - The Haircut (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 17 (ar, al, a) - Backyard Picnic (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 18 (ear, eer, ere) - Belvedere (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 19 (or, aw, au, ore, al) - Lorna Likes to Draw (Alternative Spellings)
  • Book 20 (ur, ir, er) - Worm Farm (Alternative Spellings)

Reading Level 0-9. (Lilac to Gold) 

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