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Mog and Gom Books Unit 1

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Mog and Gom Books Unit 1

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Suitable for: Kindergarten - Year 0, Year 1

This set contains 6 copies of 6 different books.

Follow the adventures of Mog and Gom as they meet the inhabitants of King Earon's Park, find the missing Wogom rocks and rescue their friends.

Mog and Gom readers use a structured sequence based on our Letters and Sounds phonic progression starting with the sounds s, a, t, p, i. The text only uses decodable regular words using previously taught phonemes and previously learnt tricky words. Tricky words are gradually introduced (just like the sounds) and only previously used tricky words are used. When a new tricky word is introduced the tricky part is highlighted throughout the story. 

This set includes a bonus teacher guide.

Contents: 8 pages per book 

Book Size: 150mm x 170mm

Sound Book  Tricky Word

s, a, t, p, i 

1. Pip Sat

2. Tap the Tin

m 3. Sam
d 4. Dad is Sad is
g 5. Sid and the Map the
o 6. Mog and Gom