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Mog and Gom Classroom Kit

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Mog and Gom resources use a structured sequence split into 12 units based on our Letters and Sounds phonic progression. Illustrated picture mnemonics mirror the shape of phonemes.

Mog and Gom resources all use illustrated mnemonics with patters. 

This complete Mog and Gom classroom kit contains everything needed to teach Phases 2-5d of our Letters and Sounds programme.


  • Alphabet Frieze
  • Phoneme Frieze
  • Mnemonic Cards Units 1-5 (Phase 2-3)
  • Mnemonic Cards Units 6-7 (Phase 3)
  • Mnemonic Cards - Units 1-18 (Phase 2-5d) (Download)
  • Flash Cards Units 1-7 (Phases 2-3)
  • Flash Cards Units 8-12 (Phases 4-5a)
  • Flash Cards - Alternative Pronunciations (Phases 5b-5d)
  • Flash Cards - Alternative Spellings (Phases 5c-5d)
  • Grapheme Cards Units 1-7
  • Grapheme Cards Units 8-17
  • 6 x Grow the Code Desktop Charts
  • Summative Assessment Pack
  • Mog and Gom Library (72 books).
  • Assessment, guidance and daily lesson plans

Inside Pages: 

Mog and Gom Library Evaluation


Phonic Progression:

Smart Kids Reader Progression

Mog and Gom Units 1-9 Guidance:

Mog and Gom Units 1-9 Guidance and Lesson Plans

Mog and Gom Units 10-18 Guidance:

Mog and Gom Units 10-18

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Customer Reviews

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Bonnie F.
Mog and Gom Classroom Kit

In short, we highly recommend this product. I purchased this kit for my 13 year old dyslexic son because this program introduces one sound of English in each book, has English sound cards to review and Flash Cards for orthographic mapping, which I
understand and believe is the key to reading. If my son didn't know the alphabet I would have used this one for sure. My son enjoys the stories, which he finds interesting, engaging and humourous, even the first 5 books! We are up to book 25. He reads a new book 4 times a day, does orthographic mapping with the flash cards which accompany each book and reviews the sound cards. He reviews the flash cards on a rotating basis for instance vowel a on Monday, e on Tuesday, i on Wednesday etc. My son gives this program a '10 out of 10' which is impressive considering how many programs we have tried thus far.