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Breaking Barriers One-to-One Apparatus Kit

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This kit has been designed specifically for pupils of any age who are experiencing significantly greater difficulty learning mathematics than the majority of their peers (P Level 4 to NC Level 1-2). It enables pupils to develop the essential sound foundation of basic number understanding and is suitable for use as a Learning Intervention Programme. Closing the gap offers practical solutions to pupils' difficulties in basic maths, providing support with assessment, planning and teaching. The programme of small step teaching activities follows the typical acquisition of early number skills, addressing the acquisition of numerosity (awareness of the number of objects in a set), counting, the ability to recognise and exploit pattern, and early computation. All activities provide further ideas for differentiation; mathematical language; connecting activities and application; and are linked to the Assessment tools. Some pupils will move quickly through the Closing the Gap activities and move on to the work in Numicon Kit 1. Others will move more slowly and take longer because they have greater barriers to learning. However, independent research projects report consistently that the majority of children show a marked rise in confidence with maths when they work with Numicon.

The image shown represents the larger group pack. Please refer to the contents below: 

Contains: 80 Numicon shapes, 80 pegs, 2 base boards, 12 base board overlays, 1 feely bag, 2 spinners, 2 large table top number lines, 2 Numicon 10 Shapes, 2 Numicon 1 Shapes, 1 Numicon Dice, 1 Numeral Card 0-100, 1 Number line 0-31 x 1 Number Line 0-100cms, 3 Numicon 10s Number Line .

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