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Smart Flips Phase 3

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Smart Flips Phase 3

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Suitable for: Year 1

Students will love these four boxed sets of Smart Flips as they practise and consolidate their phonemes. The unique magnetic counters have a picture on one side and the word on the reverse, and are colour coded for self checking. Each flip contains two different activities.

Activity One: With the flip opened, place the picture beside the word you think is correct. When the four counters are in place, flip the circles over and see that the surrounding colours match.

Activity Two: Turn the flip over and place a counter in the circle to match the surrounding colour. Then build the word using magnetic letters.* Flip the counter over to see if you are right. Complete the four words on each card. (Note that the focus phoneme is highlighted in blue at the top left of each card and other relevant graphemes are also shown alongside - these cover all the words on each card.)

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