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Whole School Starter Package

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We have put together an amazing kit that contains all the books and resources you need to teach our validated SSP programme in Reception and Year 1. For more information and to see how the resources relate to the GPCs taught please click on the brochure below.

Kit contains:

  • The Code Guidance and Daily Lesson Plans
  • Frieze Phase 2
  • Frieze Phase 3 
  • Frieze Phase 5
  • Mnemonic Cards Phase 2
  • Mnemonic Cards Phase 3
  • Mnemonic Cards Phase 5 
  • Alternative Consonant Spellings
  • Alternative Long Vowel Spellings
  • Alternative Short Vowel Spellings
  • Flash Cards Phase 2
  • Flash Cards Phase 3
  • Flash Cards Phase 4
  • Flash Cards Phase 5
  • Flash Cards Alternative Spellings
  • Fiction Readers Phase 2
  • Fiction Readers Phase 3
  • Fiction Readers Phase 4
  • Fiction Readers Phase 4b
  • Fiction Readers Phase 5
  • Non-fiction Readers Phase 2
  • Non-fiction Readers Phase 3
  • Non-fiction Readers Phase 4
  • Non-fiction Readers Phase 4b
  • Non-fiction Readers Phase 5
  • Alternative Digraph Spellings Readers
  • Alternative Long Vowel Spellings Readers
  • Alternative Short Vowel Spellings Readers

Schools can choose to pay on invoice. You do not need to have an existing account. On the payment page select 'School Order' underneith the credit card option and an invoice will be sent with your order. Payment terms 20 days EOM.